Parliament of Tanzania

Legislative Role

Speaker of the National Assembly is elected by the Members of Parliament from amongst persons who are Members of Parliament or who are qualified to be Members of Parliament and he/she is the Leader of the National Assembly in all other institutions and meetings.

In discharging his/her mandate, the Speaker is guided by the Constitution, National Assembly Standing Orders, as well as, the Power, Privileges, and Immunities of the Parliament.

As the leader of the National Assembly, the Speaker: presides over debates; has final authority in enforcing and interpreting the rules of the house, decides on matters of order; delivers rulings and maintains order and the quorum.

Hon. Dr. Tulia Ackson


Legislative Role


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Ms. Nenelwa J. Mwihambi

Clerk of the National Assembly

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Member of the Parliament

Hon. Lucy Thomas Mayenga

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Hon. Khamis Kassim Ali

Wawi (CCM)


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